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August 8, 2007, 7:42 pm
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Just wanted to plug this cool party going down in NYC that one of our team members ran across today. I’m going to try to get a member of our team there, comment if you think you’ll make it.

What: The Village Pourhouse Goes Green
Where: The Village Pourhouse
When: 6:30pm, Wed, July 25th
Tickets: $25


The Village Pourhouse tImplement Environmentally Friendly Practices
New York, NY-The Village Pourhouse, New York City’s Best New Beer Bar,
takes its commitment ta cleaner environment seriously.

As of July 1st, The Village Pourhouse has implemented the following initiatives to lessen its impact on the environment:

The use of Enviro-Solutions Certified Green cleaning supplies, such as:
Stainless Steel Kitchen Cleaner
Neutral Floor Cleaner
Spray and Wipe Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Sanitizer Spray for tables
The use of recycled paper products and tgcontainers, including:
Toilet paper that is 100 percent recycled
Tgcontainers are made of at least 50% recycled aluminum
Recycled Eco-Soft paper towels
Recycled paper napkins
All used cardboard is recycled
All beer bottles are recycled
All uniforms and linens are washed in-house, rather than picked up by a
service (therefore lessening autemissions from pick up and delivery)
The kitchen uses zertrans fat oilAfter use, the oil is sent ta
plant tbe made intother products (reusable waste)
The bar has added Earth Chardonnay, an organic wine tthe wine list
The bar has added 360 Vodka ttheir spirits list (eco-friendly Vodka)
The bar currently sells the following organic beers, all of which will
be in a flight:
OrliOrganic Common Ale
OrliOrganic IPA
Wolavers Pale
Wolavers Brown
Wolavers IPA
Wolavers Wit Bier

Also, please join us on July 25th for a night of environmental awareness
including organic beers, organic light appetizers (locally grown fruits
and veggies, hummus and pita platters etc) and product giveaways all night
long (green maps, Feed Granola, recycling infstickers and more).
Christina Salvi, Recycling Outreach Coordinator for the borough of
Manhattan, will be on hand tdiscuss the how-to’s of recycling and a
representative from Union Beer will join us ttalk about Organic Beers.

$25 per person includes your choice of tworganic beers and light
appetizers. A portion of the proceeds will be donated tThe Nature
Conservancy’s Young Professionals Group. Their goal in New York is to
ensure that the next generation of New Yorkers learn about and participate
in conservation activities at a local, regional and global level.

Tpurchase a ticket, please contact Cari at or
212-979-2337 x8003Or you can purchase tickets here.


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