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Cutting Edge Technology or Modern Excess? by beanstockd
August 8, 2007, 11:21 pm
Filed under: Barnes & Nobles, Dane Neller, Howard Schultz, Trees, Waste

Pretty awesome…at first


On Demand Books CEO, Dane Neller, takes his company’s name quite literally. He’s come up with a technological contraption that will probably entertain more argyle sweaters and spectacles than an ivy league reunion.


Neller has plans to dole out books, you’ve got it, on your demand. His new Expresso Book Machine can currently print 20 classic selections, complete with cover, from publicly available pdf files. And while we beanSTOCKrs frequent Barnes & Noble as often as the next bookworm, we have a problem with what Neller’s doing here.

Instead of marketing this machine to publishing houses, who could use it to cut down the amount of books printed and thereby the number of trees sacrificed, he’s presenting it to… libraries? He is encouraging library patrons, who currently help keep paper waste to a minimum by borrowing books, to print out their very own publications. And he’s doing it for FREE. Please excuse us but, WTF?!?!?!

Neller claims his machine will help the environment by allowing publishing houses to print only what the market demands, without the need to overestimate. Umm… yeah, that’d be great and we’d be the first to sing his praises for sure. Problem is that’s not what our buddy here’s doing.


On Demand Books has created 240 unsolicited books to date and he’s preaching about saving trees? Who is this guy and, more importantly, who’s giving him PR advice? Why is he not talking joint ventures over Frappuccinos with Howard Schultz? We’d like to kindly ask him to rethink his game plan and come back with something that actually makes sense.

Mr. Neller, get your Expresso out of our libraries and give Random House a call.


beanSTOCKr Alison


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