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GREEN DOUCHEBAGS: Justin Timberlake by beanstockd
August 8, 2007, 11:22 pm
Filed under: Carbon-Neutral, Justin Timberlake

JT gropes booty and tells his fans to go f* themselves in an attempt to appear “hard”
Even though Justin Timberlake is quite the douchebag, we’ll grant him 1 foregiveness point — but only 1! — for saying this:

“I hadn’t really thought about how much you emit on tour, how much all those trucks emit. In your mind, you simply don’tthink about all that pollution. So here I am going on tour, and I’m thinking carbon offsetting is going to make a huge dent in my footprint; I am going on tour for a whole year. It’s what I can do right now.”

Um. We’re not quite sure what he was trying to say. Huge dent in your footprint? What, what does that even mean? ….We’re not going to bother deciphering it, but the gist of the speech is that JT is trying to carbon neutralize his tour. Snaps.

Current Points Tally:

Justin: 1, Beyonce: -17


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