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Green People Who Suck: Edition 1 by beanstockd
August 8, 2007, 8:01 pm
Filed under: Colin Beavan, No Impact

Here’s the first in a series of installments dedicated to people who are psychotic and associate it with a cause to avoid being commited.

Today we discuss the ‘No Impact Man’ who in a desperate midlife-crisis has attached himself to the environment to mask chronic unpopularity. What do we have to say about Colin Beavan dedicating his morally unsound self-promotion to environmentalism? STOP making us look bad, you green FREAK.

In pursuit of a book deal about his switch to being psychotically green (yeah someone will actually fund that crazy shit), the 43-year-old Beavan is living for a year with “no environmental impact,” including NO toilet paper for a full year.

I think Gawker put it best: No Toilet Paper But Plenty of Ass

Even better, in the headline of his personal blog, this insatiable publicity whore calls himself the Tree-Hugging Lunatic Who Tries to Save the Polar Bears and The Rest of the Planet from Environmental Catastrophe

Don’t flatter yourself. The only thing you’re doing is embarrassing your infamously un-fresh backside– but very publicly, just like you like it.


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