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Hillary & Chelsea Clinton cop-out in their own special ways by beanstockd
August 8, 2007, 8:01 pm
Filed under: Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton. Strong candidate. Intelligent. Well spoken. Leading in the polls.

That said, we’ve got 2 BIG problems with her:

1. Her half-assed environmental platform
2. Her daughter

Hillary’s “I’m-bout-to-cop-out” stance on the environment (which involves criticizing Katrina relief more than anything proactive) is pretty self-explanitory, but why are we hating on Chay Clint?

Because once upon a time, there was a shining moment in 2004 when the young Clinton pleasantly surprised the world by frequenting the front rows Paris fashion shows and looking pretty damn good. Yesterday, Chels sauntered out of the house looking like this:

Son, you can still wear the Paris pret-a-porter on the campaign trail. Embrace it, own it. Being the perpetual first daughter does not mean you have to dress like mommy mini-me. And just because you spend an hour a day blasting your hair straight with 540 kWh megawatts of heat (enough to keep your house lit every evening for a year) , doesn’t mean you can’t keep it frizz-free by moisturizing with clean, green Aveda products.
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