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Lindsay Lohan cares about global warming and that kind of stuff by beanstockd
August 8, 2007, 8:01 pm
Filed under: Elle Magazine, Global Warming, Lindsay Lohan

This month Lindsay Lohan graces the cover of Elle magazine, yet again. The picture above comes from last year’s Elle, which featured what became my all time favorite full length article/exposé ever to appear in a major publication. What made it even better, is that it showcased the most brilliant gold lamé tunic & purple tights combo EVER.

In this month’s issue it gets even better. The day before her latest DUI, Lindsay sat down with the writers of Elle and discussed, what else, the paps, the po-po, and, — wait, wait, wait— going green?

“I feel like the asshole, the idiot, because I feel like I’m distracting from the other things that are important, like global warming and that kind of stuff. I genuinely mean that. And I don’t know what to do.”

I’m so glad to find out that Lindsay recognizes that there are issues in our world right now that are almost, if not more, important than she is. What a selfless young woman.

But, Linds, don’t get too excited… you might want to deal with the coke addiction and double DUI before you tackle “global warming and that kind of stuff”.


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