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Paris goes Heavy on the Frosting by beanstockd
August 8, 2007, 8:02 pm
Filed under: Paris Hilton

No, not that kind of frosting. Paris knows better than to put calories anywhere near her “naturally” lithe frame.

And it’s that kind of will power we’re hoping she can channel when she begins working as the spokesmodel for Damiani’s Bliss Collection. When asked about the spokesmanship deal, Hilton responded: “I love fashion, and I love diamonds.” Thanks, Captain obvi.

From Leo’s amazing performance in Blood Diamond, we’re all well aware of the perils of the eco-unfriendly conflict-ridden diamond industry. But, as Paris will attest, since diamonds are the most glamorous natural resource Mother Earth has given us, we’re willing to do our research–and pay a little extra–to know that no hungry Africans were hurt and no filthy, chemical mine juice seeped into the local ground water to put the bling on Paris’ well-manicured finger.

Paris, darling, please don’t be another LiLo and ignore our advice. Promise us that the diamonds aren’t bloody. Then frost on, gorgeous.
*The Damiani website says they set only conflict free diamonds.

beanSTOCKr bruce


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