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Phillips’ “A Simple Switch” by beanstockd
August 8, 2007, 7:40 pm
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Awwwright. Philips V2.
Check out, Philips’ new (and beautifully designed) microsite that lays out the company’s green efforts, fresh green ideology and outreach initiatives.

Philips’ revolutionary idea? Change a lightbulb, save the world. By replacing year old archaic heatlamps with the company’s energy efficient fluorescent lightbulbs, you can significantly decrease your environmental footprint by reducing your energy consumption.
Sweet initiative. Sweet microsite (also serves as an educational resource, social network, and guidebook on how to kickstart a green lifestyle). Sweet marketing strategy.

There’s more to Philips’ environmental efforts than pressuring you to change your bulbs. Some stats:

In 1980 Philips was the first company to develop energy efficient light bulbs to be used in home.
Philips currently has 200 Green Label top line products on the market.
All Green Label products are EcoDesigned meaning: they’re energy efficient, waste less packaging, and minimize the use of hazardous materials
Sure Philips has an impressive track record so far, and by the looks of it, the company is upping its game on the green front. Philips seems to be vying for the title of HPGCOY (high profile green company of the year…I came up with that one myself. like it?).

Its recent partnerships with WWF, IUCN and Live Earth are moves meant to raise Philips’ brand awareness while also raising people’s awareness about global warming. Smart move. We can only expect to see greater efforts on Philips’ part to increase its presence on the Green scene, which means a possible push to roll out more energy efficient products and sponsor green events.
This one’s a sure climber.

Many many more details to come as we crack into Philips’ sustainability reports. Stay tuned.
Also. Green efforts by RHCP other than Live Earth? So far None.
New celeb target? Nigel Barker.


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