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We Don’t Need Bright Flashing Lights to Tell US She’s a Star by beanstockd
August 8, 2007, 11:19 pm
Filed under: Beyonce, Continental Airlines Arena, Maddy Square, New York City

Beyonce baby, you are irreplaceable. You’ve got us backing it up to Destiny’s Child throwbacks (though perhaps with a hand placed nonchalantly over our Ipod screens).


But we’ve gotta talk.

On behalf of all of Gotham, you were incredible in NYC last weekend, but what’s the deal with the electrified to the nth concerts? We were at Continental Airlines Arena and Maddy Square two nights in a row for your bootyliciousness. But, as we still blink away the colored dots, we think maybe you’ve taken The Beyonce Experience a little too far.

We don’t need all the fireworks to make us feel like we’re getting our money’s worth. We just want to shake it in the same general vicinity as our fave songstress. The 9 million New Yorkers trying to power our ACs in this 90 degree heat is taxing our resources enough without the beyonce show rivaling the 4th of July… twice.

Your fans have even been physically burned (check out the video here)… and we’re not usually one to call out the pink elephant in the room, but you probably wouldn’t have taken that little spill the other night if you hadn’t been trying to weave through the flying sparklers of death. You know it’s true, girl.

Let’s avoid the deja vu, and save our shades for the beach. Cue down the lightshow, B.

Informr Bean

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