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Kanye v. Fiddy by beanstockd
August 10, 2007, 8:45 pm
Filed under: 50 cent, Kanye West, Live Earth

Yes, you heard it right. Mr West and Mr Cent are duking it out for top selling album on their shared release date of September 11th. This epic battle of the beats is going to be neck in neck….NOT!

Kanye’s gonna win this one, obvsatron,  and if you don’t agree, check out this side by side comparison and let us convince you.

50 and Kanye

Fiddy v. Kanye

Club Smash Hits Kanye: Goldigger/Fiddy: In the Club 

Actual Good Songs Kanye: The entirety of his first album College Dropout, several select tracks on Late Registration/ Fiddy: (1) Many Men

Style Kanye: Seer sucker suits and converse, Ethnic scarves and aviators, Hoodies and handkerchiefs. Basically sheer brilliance/ Fiddy: The usual played out b-ball jersey or,  even more yawn-enducing, a pin-striped suit

Mouth Kanye: Some crazy jaw action resulting from his much rapped about car accident/Fiddy: Refuses to open mouth when rapping, how any sound comes out remains a mystery 

Green factor Kanye: Live Earth Performer / Fiddy: Not a Live Earth Performer. HIYO!!!

Can’t argue with that. And if you can, let us know who you think’s gonna win and why. And then we’ll respond, and prove you wrong. Again.



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