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Who does MTV’s Newport Harbor think it is? by beanstockd
August 24, 2007, 7:29 pm
Filed under: green lifestyle, Justin Bobby, Laguna Beach, MTV, Newport Harbor, The Hills


MTV’s Newport Harbor suuuuuuuuuuuckkkss.

We were watching re-runs of this shiz yesterday and could not even make it through. one. whole. episode.

Did MTV really think that it could outdo the phenomenon that was Laguna Beach (and the Hills) by moving a little up the coastline and assembling a new brat pack of bottle blondes and madras-short-sporting beach bums? Did they really think that Chrissy and her suspiciously strict parents could ever replace the always extravagant Kristin Cavalleri or the strangely magnetic LC?

Sure Chase and Clay aren’t too bad to look at (in an A&F model way), and Grant is like a mini Spencer, but these boys have got nothing on the real men of Laguna and the Hills. And most importantly, where is the knit-cap-wearing Justin Bobby character? Where is he?

The one good thing about this Laguna wannabe? Atleast they show is still located in the OC, a community that’s environmentally conscious, and very active in getting its wealthy and glamorous residents involved in the green movement. Hopefully, MTV’ll find a way to incorporate that green mindset into the show, if not to educate people, then to give the show some semblance of quality. Drizzler

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Comment by GENESIS

i loved laguna beach but i also like newport harbor!! i dont like it as much as i liked laguna beach but it was good!! im so happy they’re coming back with more!! i also hope they keep going like they did with laguna beach to the hills!! i hope chrissy and clay stay together, although i dont think they will!! well peace out people!!!

Comment by sassy

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