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Justin Bobby, reviving the art of douchebaggery by beanstockd
August 28, 2007, 1:07 pm
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The more we watch, the more confused we get

Did y’all watch the Hills last night? Yeah you did, don’t deny it. Let’s do a quick recap: Spencer and Heidi visit the fam in Colorado (yawn), Brody Jenner holds a beach bbq where, surprise of all surprises, Justin Bobby arrives with Audrina and then disappears into the dark of the night leaving behind a unique calling card: Audrina’s helmet with a sprinkle of douchebaggery.

What a baffling young man. We’re not saying that JB’s behavior makes no sense, he’s just trying really hard to be the cool asshole, and we applaude you JB, on a job well done. What we don’t understand is, JB ditched Audrina, who’s relatively pretty, for that busted chick that he kept akwardly cocking his eyebrows at on the terrace. What is Justin Bobby’s deal?

In his show-long struggle to appear confident, cool and nonchalant, JB roars along the highways of Cali on an old-school Harley. Based on initial consideration, the motorcycle may seem to be a green alternative to the Escalades and Land Cruisers littering the streets of LA, however it turns out that motorcycles produce more harmful emissions than cars or SUVs. Wtf?! According to an EPA official, “you could drive the Prius for more than 100 miles before you got to the same hydrocarbon levels the motorcycle would emit in only 1 mile of driving.” Careful JB………Drizzler

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