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A Farm Grows in Brooklyn by informrbean
September 16, 2007, 8:24 pm
Filed under: Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams

 plucked chicken

 How’d you like to see this from your kitchen window?

Most people would pat themselves on the back for growing a tomato or herb (ahem, we do not mean that variety, green beanies) in their backyard. Not Manny Howard.

This seriously tenacious locavore managed to get a farm up and running in his 800 square feet of white picket fenced earth. No joke. Manny’s totally got bok choy and figs, beans, ducks, chickens, rabbits, livestock, and a raised bed of potatoes over there next to Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger’s  For Sale sign. His lofty goal was to consume only what he grew or raised himself. And he did it! He even channels his inner caveman and slaughters dinner himself (vom). He’s been doin this for over a month at the time the New York magazine article by him was written. The Man stuck to his plan, even after cutting off part of his finger! Seems he had a little run-in with a table saw during the chicken coop construction – oops!

Props to Manny for thinking green and doin’ his part. Oh, and props to his wife Lisa too, for not leaving his ass the minute he started puttin’ all this shiznit in their backyard. You know she would have pref’ed an all natural pool.

Now just maybe Michelle and Heath would’ve stayed together if they’d gotten their farm on.     Informr Bean


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