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HomeWRECKd by beanstockd
September 19, 2007, 2:24 am
Filed under: Abbie Cornish, Angelina Jolie, home wreckers, Owen Wilson

For all the Hollywood homewreckers who also wreck the environment.
We ask, who are you?


Angelina Jolie aka homeWREXatron depleting the world of natural resources and our children.
Although to offset her penchant for ethnic children, the 31-year old actress has pledged $1.3M over 5 years to a forest conservation project in Cambodia, for which we give her major props.


Girl that hooked up with Ryan Phillipe (aka Abbie Cornish)
depleting the world of beautiful blonde reese-ryan babies
But at least she makes some attempt to contribute to society. Animal protection seems to be her cause-du-jour.


Fat nanny that hooked up with Jude Law (aka bustatron)
depleting the world of vital organic nutrition
There’s just nothing to be said in her defense.


Owen Wilson, wrecked Chris and Kate Hudson then wrecked himself
depleting the world of heroin and sharp metal objects

For all his wrecking, the creation of”Wedding Crashers” has made the world a better place. We love this guy.

The end. Check back for our new feature, drinkSTOCKd. Perhaps the origins of this post. Kandz and Chesterman


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i think that angelina jolie is totally hot i mean i would do her any day! and i am gay and i am proud of it too! but i don’t think that she swings that way!

Comment by Rashell

Oh yes, she does swing that way…yes she does. I am a straight woman who would rip Angelina’s clothes off in a minute…and go wild with her any day of the week.

Comment by abby

i like anelina jolie because she has a very kind heart to the needy people. she use her wealth for poor people, she is not selfish. go go go go you and brad pitt are the best couple, congrats for viviene and knox, they are blessing for you both has golden heart….. god bless you.

Comment by lyn

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