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THIS Billie Jean’s Much More Than Just a Girl by informrbean
September 20, 2007, 4:41 pm
Filed under: Billie Jean King, GreenSlam

Billie Jean King

She’s still got game!

We love this! Even celeb has-beens are goin’ green! Billie Jean King, whose big heyday came about before we were even a twinkle in daddy’s eye, is using her famous name for an eco cause. The feminist tennis pro has launched GreenSlam, which aims to help sports orgs bring about socially responsible change. They’re gonna put together some environmentally savvy experts to set standards for sporting events and venues alike.

Does this mean we’ll see more recycling bins in stadiums? No more icky unrecyclable paper beer cups strewn about?! We’re liking the sound of this! We might even go to a game now if GreenSlam manages to clean up Shea!

She may be getting on in her years, but Billie’s still shakin’ up the sporting world! Informr Bean


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I’ve never heard of GreenSlam, but I got to check that out. Billie Jean, for all that she’s done over the years, has helped many people. Had it not been for Bobby we wouldn’t be talking about her as much. There was a Berlin Wall in sports, and Billie slammed that volley right through.

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