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Life Lessons we can learn from Kate Moss and Courtney Love by beanstockd

Kate Moss and Courtney Love snort and make up

Life Lesson #1: Never lend Courtney Love your clothes. In fact, never lend Courtney Love anything of yours that has any type of value — because chances are that your goods are going to come back damaged, broken, burned and/or covered in some foul smelling unidentified substance.

Kate Moss recently lent a vintage Dior gown to Love for a party last week (Moss’ decision was probably made in the heat of the cocaine-addled-moment), which Love proceeded to wear, tear and deconstruct in such a way that it exposed her left buttock to the world. Well done, you.

Life Lesson #2: Kate Moss is not a bitch. Remember, this is a woman that dealt with the bizarre antics of man-child addict Pete Doherty, meaning that she is able to put up with anything.

At Thursday’s Adidas by Stella McCartney party, Moss confronted Love saying, “I hear you stood on my frock.” To which Love responded with a slew of apologies and excuses. To which Moss responded by revealing that she was just having a laugh.

Life Lesson #3: You can get away with anything by rectifying your misdeed with a decent amount of public humiliation. Love ripped Moss’s dress, then flashed her ass to the paparazzi. The two are now best friends.

Life Lesson #4: Eco-peepz run in the same circles. Green designer Stella McCartney (designer of the Environmental Bag), and Kate Moss BFF, may just end up having a positive influence on these two rexatrons. Drizzler

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