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Gossip Girl: the Hills, but good by beanstockd
October 3, 2007, 12:31 am
Filed under: Gossip Girl, Upper East Side, Upper Green Side


Is it wrong that we kind of enjoyed watching Gossip Girl these past two weeks…more than we enjoy watching the Hills?

In addition to being the most realistic portrayal to date of the decadent life of NYC BYTs, primetime’s newest drama, Gossip Girl, also has a lot of drama that most viewers can identify with: tumultuous friendships, unrequited love, rapist-like friends, dancing on tables in Bungalow 8…yes, things we can all relate to.

However, forgive our French, but the show’s producers effed up big time in the casting department. Questions worth addressing:

a. why does Serena look older than her mother?

b. Jenny Humphrey is a raging anorexic. No question mark required.

If anyone has answers, let us know, because honestly we’re confused.

Aside from these two (lame) misrepresentations, the show is not bad, not bad at all. We love the Upper East Side life, and we’re betting that our favorite wealthsatrons are all uppergreensiders. Drizzler

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