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Tyra: over world peace and saving puppies by beanstockd
October 4, 2007, 2:31 am
Filed under: America's Next Top Model, ANTM, Autistic, Cycle 9, green, Jenny McCarthy, Tyra Banks

ANTM Cycle 9 is taking on every single (other) cultural pandemic they can fit into this one giant, socially-conscious season. We kind of love it slash think it’s hilarious. From smoking to mental illness to going green. But you already knew that.


Priceless moments from this week’s episode:

1. Pose instructor Benny Ninja. He simultaneously rolls out of his cardboard box wearing as many accessories as will fit on his person, and makes it onto national television feigning a non-existent profession. Pose instructor? Come ON.

2. A disappointing challenge prize of a $1000 shopping spree at Old Navy. That being said, $1000 could probably purchase a majority stake of Old Navy.

3. Tyra’s soulful eco-haiku: “When you start modelling you’re green. When you’re a successful model, you make green. When a model is conscious she goes green.” Profound.

4. How the entire show revolves around the autistic girl, apparently the disease du jour. At least she’s pretty.

5. The gag-inducing (slash laughter-inducing) anti-smoking shoot where Tyra uses her aesthetic eye to deliver astute critiques like: “I love it. You look a mess” and “Well, at least you know how to look damaged and destroyed”

All in all, we’re getting a good vibe about the new season. But grass seats in the eco-bus? That may be overkill. Kandz

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