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Rihanna and Josh Hartnett get it onn in NYC… Nice. by beanstockd



After co-hosting an episode of TRL, and meeting up after her concert on Thursday night, Josh Harnett finally sealed the deal with Rihanna last night at NYC’s Pink Elephant.

A How-To-Get-Into-Rihanna’s-Pants guide by Josh Hartnett:

1. Show interest: attend her concert. Make inappropriate jokes that she won’t get about how you’d like to stand under her “umbrella”

2. Make sure she’s interested: flirt in public. On national television. So there’s no way she can deny it or blame any attraction on being blackout.

3. Take her out: to a club. Never a restaurant. Restaurants entail awkward, drawn-out, getting-to-know you convo. (As we learned from our boy Shia LaBeouf’s attempt at the nice-guy approach) Cut the fat and head straight for the bone(r).

4: Impress her with your heroism: by telling her you’re headlining a worldwide carbon reduction plan, and with the help of a few other celebs at Global Cool (but mostly you), are committed to getting the world to reduce their CO2 emissions by 10 billion tonnes over the next decade. Then buy bottles of Dom Perignon and Pink Elephant vodka, and make sure her glass is never empty.

5: Go in for the kill: and call us the next morning (after she peaces) so we can high five you in person. Chesterman

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