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Joel Madden chases his fading popularity around the globe by beanstockd


 As global as the world has become, taste apparently still has a little lag time from one continent to another.

As of October 9th, Maryland’s Good Charlotte started touring Australia, and according to their website they’ll carry on in The Land Down Under for a month, arriving there shortly after their widely touted acoustic appearance inside the Verizon L.A. Store in mid-September. Hopefully, they’ll see hotter venues between Sydney and Perth.

While it takes 1.4 tons of greenhouse gases to get each air passenger from LA to Australia, you can a carbon offset for your flight for about $14.50. No doubt the nice boys of the band could afford to buy them. No word yet on whether or not they have, yet their international dates bring to mind the grousing over pollution generated by flying bands around the world for Al Gore’s Live Earth concerts in June.

How much more pollution is generated, after all, when fading American bands head overseas on run-of-the-mill tours, simply in search of new audiences? In a truly global world, Austrialian kids would already have the heads-up: Good Charlotte is not cool anymore.



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Can I purchase Joel Madden’s ton of greenhouse gas and use it to suffocate Josh Groban? That guy sucks.

Comment by Sammy G

Just because Good Charlotte is the big “buzz” band any more doesn’t mean they don’t have fans. I happen to love them!! I can’t wait until they come back and play my area here in the U.S. I don’t worry about being all trendy!! Apparently you do!! You can go fuck yourself!!!

Comment by Tanya

joel mmadden, is very popular and very relevent. As you know by now, Nicole had a baby Harlow! But what has Joel Madden been up to? He teamed up with a singer mams taylor and made a great video without good charlotte. Is Joel madden going solo?
Wow! This is the guy that knocked out Jesse Metcalf! The story goes that Jesse was rude to his girl (Taryn Manning)… Jesse got a bit heavy handed… And ended up getting knocked him on his ass! Crazy! The guys name is Mams Taylor. Here’s a link to his first music video. , Its stars Mila Kunis (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Carmen Electra, Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage), Kelly Carlson (Nip Tuck) and UFC Champ Rampage Jackson. The damn song is stuck in my head and I�ve been humming it all day.

Comment by new fans of mams

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