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Heidi Montag is playing head games with us by beanstockd
October 17, 2007, 2:13 pm
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This post appeared on Heidi Montag’s website yesterday morning, in it, Montag admits to having started the Lauren Conrad sex-tape rumors. Hours later Perez Hilton revealed that MTV had hacked into the site, publishing the false post.

Props to MTV on it’s half-assed attempt at creating a Hills scandal; If we were Heidi Toothface Montag we’d probably be most embarassed about the poor grammatical representation.

As viewers gradually acknowledge that The Hills is rigged up the waz, and MTV slowly realizes that the boy drama of one real-life girl is never going to be all that interesting, we are reminded of our often slow and reluctant acknowledgment of real life drama like climate change.

But in the same way that each scene of the The Hills is shot several times, in denying the existence of the current climate change crisis our president straight up shot himself in the foot several times. Just sayin…

But, Pres Bdubs recently announced during a televised press conference that the US is prepared to cut green house emissions and will develop a goal to reduce emissions with the UN for 2009.

Still, as always, we still hold true to the belief that you can’t trust everything you see on TV. Chesterman


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maybe my eyes are just failing me, but where in that perez hilton post you link to does it state or even imply that “MTV had hacked into the site,” as you say? it kind of seems like you’re rewriting the facts to pump up the drama and support your own ideological agenda…kind of like our buddy Bdubs. whoah, heavy.

Comment by songsaboutbuildingsandfood

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