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We’re not Laughlin with you, we’re laughing at you by beanstockd


Renaissance man Hugh Jackman, whose former roles included both a super-macho superhero and Liza Minnelli’s gay husband, puzzles with his new TV show Viva Laughlin about singing casino owners. The show, based on the BBC’s Viva Blackpool and produced by Jackman, aired last night. Honestly, we didn’t see it, but we did see this clip.

It features lingerie-clad ladies of the night, and their Madame, showcasing their wares to shoppers Lloyd Owen and Melanie Griffith; while singing “It’s the Time of the Season”. One wanton woman shines brighter than the others and leads Owen and Griffith’s characters off to a ménage a trois. Yes, Viva Laughlin is the worst new fall show.

But the scantily clad, ahem, ladies did look like a cheap Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Which is okay by us, since Victoria’s Secret committed itself to going green. They’ve stopped the destruction of virgin Canadian forests and started printing their catalogues on 80% recycled paper. They’re also coming out with a green line next spring.

See Hugh, recycling is sexy, just not old shows…  CM

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