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Carrie Underwood and Gossip Boy hook up by beanstockd
October 24, 2007, 9:33 pm
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Gossip girl goes Country

Carrie Underwood and TV freshface Chace Crawford are Hollywood’s newest PYT couple.

Underwood explained the reasons behind her attraction to Crawford in the latest issue of People, “He’s really cute, I’ve met him and he seems like a really nice guy. He’s got cool hair, he’s a nice height and he just has beautiful blue eyes.”

So basically Underwood is giving a green light to anyone, from annoying LES hipster with a fetish for American Apparel deep v neck tshirts and a lisp, to a homicidal sociopath tortured by a destructive obsession with blow-drying … anything goes as long as you’ve got cool hair.

So wait, anything goes? SCORE we’ve got a chance. Hope she doesn’t mind David Babaii hair gel and an involuntary tendency to yell “that’s what she said!” and reach out for high fives after any mention of something being too hard. Chesterman

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That seems quite superficial to be honest. “He’s got cool hair, he’s a nice height and he just has beautiful blue eyes.” maybe they just stare at each other instead of having actual conversations on their dates?!?

Comment by b.

underwood is too trashy and fugly for chace

Comment by hanna

who’s the designer of carrie’s dress?

Comment by hey

OMG! Chace is so hot! I love his hair, eyes, and amazing body! Him and Carrie are such a cute couple!

Comment by Kendra

OMG did u kno carrie is a vegetarian?? I think her and chace are u cutest couple, and chace is sooo hott!!!

Comment by Nicolette

carrie is so hot, what does chace have that I dont? i know i could be more of a gentleman in one day to her than he can be in a lifetime.

Comment by Jared

have you ever heard carrie talk? she is utterly bland, sounds slightly nasally, and wears far too much makeup. her comments about chace are boring. she bores me. chace is HOT, she doesn’t have the charisma to hold on to him for long

Comment by lewis

[…] have anything against Carrie Underwood. Okay, I didn’t have anything against her, until I saw news that suggests she’s moving in on my Chace. Bitch better back off. He’s spoken for […]

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whats wrong with you this girl is horrible im the woman for you love you

Comment by winny

carrie is soo pretty and sdo stylish always looking gorgeous

Comment by jess

omg chace is the sexiest guy on earth i dont think carrie is up to his standards. hes so GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Isobel

Awwww I think they are the GREASTEST couple. They are both Cute. They are one of those couples who just meash REALLY well

Comment by Alyssa

the dress is von furstenberg

Comment by frank

the dress is by diane von furstenburg

Comment by michy

i think carrie & chace are great for each other.
chace is soo cute!
& carrie is gorgeous!
dont hate, seriously.

Comment by annonymous

Hey! Great post. Carrie Underwood definitely has some great hair. Check out my site for an archive of her hair!

Comment by Carrie Underwood Hairstyles

omg, who ephing cares. Do something else with your lives. I was just checking out some pics of Carrie Underwood because she is hot, and you losers are on here gossiping on how they are not good for each other and so on. Who the EPH cares! Go do something for society!

Comment by Norm

Seems a little superficial. Isn’t he younger than her? I agree with commenter under me. He is pretty, though.

Comment by anonymous

carrie is a total hottie!!!
i just want to bang her sooo hard that she screams to death!!
YES…i am a girl!
chase is okay i guess…i wouldnt mind his juicy cock goin inside of my wet, ripped pussy!!!

but my legs spread so wide for carries pussy!!!
AHHH!! I want her!!
as 4 all of u bitches who think chase is theres….just wait untill u c the pics of him being jammed in and out of my big, wet, ripped pussy!!!

Comment by fuck buddie!

i want to bang chase sooo badly!! i just want his cock bouncing in and out of my big, wet, ripped pussy!!!!
ohh..and 4 all of u bitches and ho bags out there that think chase crawford is yours i have got 1 word 4 u…lick his cock and suck my pussy!!!

Comment by fuck buddie!

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