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Elizabeth Hurley is still the MILFiest, and makes sure Hugh knows it by bradydale
October 30, 2007, 5:38 pm
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For the woman who has given up her no-eating-after-4pm-diet, Elizabeth Hurley is still hot.

She’s not quite as bikini ready as she was in the days of, say, Bedazzled, but she still rocks her beachwear. This past weekend, Hurley took her husband and kid to the Seychelles to play on the beach in that orange bikini….and she took her ex of 13 years, Hugh Grant, with her!

Why on Earth would she take her old movie star husband with her on a trip with her new husband? It’s probably because they both wanted to cut down on their carbon emissions. We imagine this dialogue, which happened to come up as Hurley and Grant discussed their jointly owned homes together (delivered in charming British accents):

“No, Hugh, I shant be at the brownstone in Soho this weekend. Arun and I are going to the Seychelles.”

“Ah, the Seychelles! Lovely, Lizzie. I was rather thinking of taking the plane to pop off to some old beach myself.”

“Oh Hugh, well do think of coming with us. You know, if both our planes are up this week-end it will do all bollocks to the atmosphere.”

“Right-o, dear. I’ll just pack a bag and take the guest house.”

“Oh good! Damian will be so pleased to have Uncle Hugh along!”

“Cheerio, then, till Friday, Liz.”

“But oh Hugh,”

“Yes, Liz?”

“There’s a strict ban on prosititution at the resort, so why don’t you try not to be a complete wanker, and keep your willy tucked away in your bottoms.” BradyDale


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Hehehe…(btw, Hugh and Liz were never actually married)

Comment by Jon

hilary duff pictures

I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read.

Trackback by hilary duff pictures


Bravo. It is about time someone delved into this.

Trackback by Eric

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