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Chuck Bass = Voldemort of the Upper East Side by beanstockd
November 13, 2007, 4:44 am
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The resemblance is uncanny

Gossip Girl just keeps getting better. Reasons why this week’s episode made it on our radar again:

1. Most of the episode took place in one of our favorite NYC venues: The Box

2. This episode was chock full o’ sex. Like every other scene was sex. Sweeeet.

3. Chuck swiping Blair’s v-card in the limo ride home. Who saw that one coming?! It’s like that time Voldemort raped Harry.

4. If you were watching online, those Victoria’s Secret new bra ads where the rexy Australian chick (in a “witty” limerick) rhymes the word ‘air’ with the word ‘air’. Nice. Guess poetic skills don’t matter when your boobs and ribs are all out.

5. Blair saying “I’ve got moves…,” getting up on stage, removing her headband seductively and touching her shoulder. And Chuck totally getting off on that.

6. That massive Archibald family ring. We’d love to add that bling to our already heavily bejeweled fingers, but only if it’s conflict-free, eco-friendly, and set in Green Gold, meaning that the mining technique used actually reverses the ecosystem damage caused by large-scale mining. Green Gold = locally managed mines that use no toxic chemicals, reforestation, and ensure profit is pumped back into the community.

And this Green Gold always looks tip top with an Eleanor Waldorf ensemble and a painful Blair-Nate encounter. Drizzler

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