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Donda West’s plastic surgeon to Larry King: PEACE, biatch! by beanstockd


Dr. Jan Adams walks off Larry King last night.

Donda West’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams, made history last night when he walked off the Larry King live show, the first guest EVER to do so. After his departure, Larry asked his executive producer Wendy Walker if a guest had ever left like this before and she replied:

“You have been on the air now, Larry, for 22 years. And I have never seen a guest walk off… The only time I ever remember anything like this happening was one time, Vice President Gore was late and we put your children on for the first segment before he could get there.”

Talk about going down kicking and screaming. This guy’s dug his hole even deeper and poured in another steaming vat of negative public exposure. CNN is saying this dramatic walk-off (which included a handshake and a melodramatic removal of the microphone) may have been due to a letter recieved from Kanye’s attourneys. Still, if you’re going to show up, at least talk about puppies or your family or have King ask you to leave. The last thing people want to see right now is Dr. Jan being ludicrously self-important.

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Take some tips from Will Ferrell, who in this short called Enviro-tips from the Green Team pokes fun at those self-important advocates the green movement (like this dude). By combining comedy with environmentalism, he tells the freaks to lighten up. One great enviro-tip from the Green Team: “A compost bin is a great place to store a baby when you’re done with it.”

With Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Adam McKay, this educational video is a bona fide chucklefest, unlike the absurd ongoings of Dr. Kevorkian–::cough::– we mean, Jan Adams.

Greenhorne and Kandz

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