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What’s worse than SMG movies? SMG Sequels. by bradydale

Did you see that great movie Sarah Michelle Gellar was in last year? Yeah, yeah… that sequel to The Ring. Oh wait, no… it wasn’t a sequel. It was a knock-off called The Grudge. No, no… it was the sequel to the knock-off, The Grudge 2. Oh, wait, we didn’t see it, either, did we? We just sort of meant to. ‘Cuz it was Buffy and all. Then we didn’t.

Basically, Gellar’s strategy in the movies has been to make a knock off of a popular horror flick. When nobody goes to see that, make a sequel in case they just forgot. When nobody goes to see that, make it all over again and give it a different name (The Return). When no one goes to see that, make a romantic comedy opposite Alec Baldwin. Then, realize that you just made a romantic comedy opposite Alec Baldwin, look yourself in the mirror and go, “Damn, does my life really suck this badly?” No, Buffy… life doesn’t. But The Grudge did.

Just to make 100% sure that her remake strategy doesn’t work, though, she’s trying it one more time with a sequel to Alice Through the Looking Glass. We’re not holding our breath.

When that tanks, Sarah Michelle Gellar is saying she might come back to the little screen. More power, to her, we say. We liked having Sarah in our lives weekly. And all the crappy gigs did teach her something: economy. Sarah started going green to save money. She rode her bike. Took reusable bags to the grocery store. It’s all good.

Whatever brings you around to a less wasteful lifestyle, Sarah, we’ll take it. Just keep it up if you start raking in the bucks again, okay? –BradyDale

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