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Zac Efron: The man, the legend, the douche by bradydale

Zac Efron, oxy-clear

Efron, making that “please hit me as hard as you can” face that 13 year-old girls just can’t resist

Zac Efron‘s girlfriend thinks he’s too much of a candy-ass. She’s ticked because he didn’t want to go to her little sister’s birthday party because he had a pimple. He’s that much of a prima-donna.

You know you’ve crossed a prima-donna line when your 19 year-old movie star girlfriend thinks you are too superficial. We haven’t met Vanessa Hudgens, but we’re guessing she’s talked at length on the cellie about more than one bad hair day. Zac, dude, man up.

What if you were, say, the Environment Minister of Ireland (just for example). Would you have had the cajones to declare yours the first European country to ban wasteful incandescent lights in favor of more efficient LEDs and fluorescents?

We know, Zac. You don’t like the way you look under fluorescent lighting. No one asked. BradyDale


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Wow, that’s a pretty little boy there. So safe, yet so life-like he almost could be just like a real boy.

Comment by Megan

if zac wants to look good, let him!
what’s the big deal, alot of guys cover
up thier blemishes. so wat?

he is like soo hot <3


Comment by Ashleyy

He is just so flippin amazing, don’t criticize him for that! And as for Vanessa, well, she just has issues. Who cares if he focuses on making sure he still looks gorgeous? Is he nice? Is he funny? Is he friendly? Thats what I would look for in a guy, but obviously she only pays attention to his need for makeup. Sigh.

Luv u Zac <3

Comment by Lorraine

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