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Pay no attention to the creepy clip art elf behind the curtain by beanstockd
December 11, 2007, 4:38 am
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Vodpod videos no longer available.

This video ends with the line, “Conservation doesn’t have to be lame.” Creepy Clip Art Elf sings it and then Downs’ Syndrome Santa repeats it, just to make sure you got it. Well, Conservation doesn’t have to be lame and this video didn’t have to be, either.

Look, we know that this is the season to criticize excessive consumption. Between driving to buy stuff and driving to return stuff (not to mention the stuff), we could all use to take it a little easier on resources around now.

That said, the only thing this video will accomplish is sales for the new Britney Spears album when the dundering beat of its muzak drives viewers to Itunes and they download the first thing that might drown it out.

We dig the message and all, but the only reason to sit through this thing is to see Rudolph nearly drown when Global Warming makes the ice too thin to hold him (we hated that little dweeb in his made-for-tv stop-motion-nonsense, even as kids). Otherwise, thanks, Atom Films, for your email; we wanted to help but this video is singlehandedly setting back the green movement 2 years. —BradyDale

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hahahaha…”Downs’ Syndrome Santa” – BradyDale nails it again!
i guess it’s a good thing i love Blackout

Comment by ARK

this is the stuff of evil psych experiments

Comment by SuckaWhat

Totally dig BradyDale’s thrashing of this lame video, but seriously, what did Rudolph ever do to deserve that kind of wrath?

Comment by Megan

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