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Rehab is the new black by beanstockd
January 7, 2008, 2:06 pm
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Hollywood writers may be on strike, but lucky for us reality TV is alive and well in the new year.

VH1’s newest project “Celebrity Rehab With Doctor Drew” features a cast of F list celebrities and has-beens doing what they do best—talking about themselves. Stars like Brigitte Nielsen (we’re not actually sure what she’s famous for) , former Idol contestant Jessica Sierra, and Seth Binzer who was a member of the one hit wonder band Crazytown (don’t lie we all know you secretly loved the song “Butterfly”) seek the advice and support of our favorite Loveline host, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The series follows the celebutards through their detoxification process as well as group therapy sessions that will surely produce enough hot air to cause some serious atomospheric damage (yep, climate change is in fact also causing the ozone layer to deplete, it’s not just a result of the phenomenon.)

The series premiers on Jan 10 and although we commend Dr. Drew in his quest to fight addiction, we’re not so sure these celebrities want the help. Maybe we should be focusing on bigger problems, like the fact that David Beckham has the largest carbon footprint known to man! Now there’s a celebrity that needs treatment for an addiction!


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Um..Bridgitte Nielson played Ivan Drago’s lesbian looking Russian wife in Rocky IV, she was also Sly Stallone’s love interest in the 80’s action flick Cobra (Both Stallone movies by the way).

She was also with Flava Flav before he dumped her to do his reality show Flava of Love (Which spawned I Love New York).

The other people you mentioned are F-Listers but not Bridgitte Nielson she is at least a D-Lister.

I mean your a celbrity blogger shouldn’t you know these useless bits of information?

Comment by Syl Blazer

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