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Hillary Has Barack Eyeing Her Ample Rear Once Again by Bacon Bits
January 12, 2008, 5:51 pm
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We lost some of our cynicism when Barack won the Iowa caucus, but we got a piece of it back when we witnessed Hillary’s alligator tears propel her to victory in New Hampshire.

Anyhow, we still weren’t feeling completely ourselves. So, since we’re always crashing on their couch and eating their food, we decided to ask our smarter, more responsible sisters over at Greenstockd about Hillary’s eco-stance.

Turns out, Hillary pays lip service to the green movement, but it’s not really her bag. That’s okay, though. She knows it’s a problem and has a plan. It emphasizes investment in the green economy, reduced reliance on foreign energy and a cap-and-trade system for corporate emissions. That means companies are allowed to crap out X amount of pollution and if they hit their max, they get to buy another company’s unused allowance.

That’s kind of like when we play power hour with the Greenstockrs. They quit after about 30 minutes, because they “don’t want to get too drunk before going out.” We end up drinking the rest of their beer, make twice as many trips to the pisser, and pass out early.

Speaking of ample rears and regaining our cynicsm. Monica Lewinsky, the woman who paid Hil’s hubby “lip service” in the Oval Office, came out of hiding this week. Okay, we’re back.

Bacon Bits


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