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Mary J. Blige charged with steroid possession. We thought she was a singer? by beanstockd
January 14, 2008, 4:01 pm
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This summer, as we traipsed down the gilded streets of Central Park South, who did we see but Mary J. Blige climbing out of a black Escalade and entering the Ritz Carlton. “Damn,” we said, “she looks good. Look at those biceps and possibly rock-hard abs. She must do pilates at least three times a week.”

In reality, apparently she does not. Ms. Blige’s toned bod may be the result of a little ‘roid poppage. MJB has just been charged (along with 50 cent, but that’s not too surprising) with the use of performance enhancing drugs. Timbaland, Tyler Perry, and Wyclef Jean are also under investigation.

Why would singers, producers and actors want to take steroids? Especially knowing that pharmaceutical products like these show up as pollutants in our water and cause ecological harm.

Which teaches us an important lesson: Make sure to Brita the hell out of your tap water next time you’re thirsty, or you may just wake up with quadriceps the size of Zac Efron’s head.


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Mary J Blige does not nor has ever taken steroids. She is probably mixed up in this probe because of her working relationship with Puffy and other men in the rap and entertainment business. She has nothing to gain from taking steroids and has been very verbal about her past with drugs and alcohal addiction and the steps she has taken to speak out against it for kids and young adults who listen to her music.. Why would she lie about this? It is just an attack to bring he down because she is doing positive and good things and people can’t change her back into the scared, self-loathing, ignorant girl she used to be. Now that she is beyond all that and a smart, happy, professional business woman and wife people want to attack her. It is sick! Someone really messed up even including her in this mess and will have to retract and publicly admit mistake in the future.

Comment by Elizabeth

I’m much more suspicious of Pink and Fergie than I am of MJB, who does not have that manly-man face/jaw look.

Comment by bobette

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