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Welcome to The BeanSTOCKd Project.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, or just occasionally feel like you could cut through the building tension with a knife, you may know that we are less than 10 short years from the point-of-no-return of environmental damage. We have reached a tipping point in our evolution, and as time passes this truth becomes more and more evident.

2007 alone has proven that we are living in a time of extreme crisis: we have witnessed environmental phenomena ranging from tornadoes in Brooklyn to deadly heat waves in Europe, we have experienced the highest temperatures ever recorded, we have consumed more energy than ever before, and perhaps deadliest of all, we have been subjected to worst the single ever released, “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston.

But there’s good news: people are starting to pay attention. The environmental movement is picking up speed. From Leonardo Dicaprio’s 11th Hour, to the first green MTV Real World, to the new Anya Hindmarch It Bag, being environmentally aware is no longer lame and granola, it’s cool and revolutionary.

Still, a lot of us haven’t tapped into the movement yet not because we don’t want to, but because we don’t know the details, we’ve got other stuff to focus on like class and work, or we’re just too busy getting the latest update from Perez and relaying the juicy details to our pal in the cubicle next door. Let’s be honest, the members of the beanSTOCKd team were the exact same way just a few months ago; our lives were all about work, Tequila Tuesdays, and saucy facebook messages. Going green definitely was not a priority.

Now it is.

There are lots of factors that awaken people to the seriousness of our situation and drive them to make an active effort to green-ify their lives. We here at BeanSTOCKd believe that pop culture is one of those factors. Pop culture has an enormous impact on our society; it influences what we wear, what we buy, and increasingly, what we think about certain issues. We think that mainstream news and celebrity exposure should be channeled to raise awareness about the issues at hand. Plus it’s fun to read about.

We here at BeanSTOCKd are passionate about getting the green growing . Keeping up with environmental issues should be entertaining, and streamlining our lives doesn’t require a complete personality overhaul (we’re keeping the Tequila Tuesdays, thank you very much.)

By coupling pop culture with environmentalism, we’re transforming the Green Movement into a generation-wide guerrilla rescue mission to save the world.


The BeanSTOCKd Team


PS. The BeanSTOCKd blog is only the first step. Keep checking back to our site as we begin to roll out new features and prepare for our live launch.


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Comment by Jon

You people are crazy. It’s fear-mongers like you that pose the real threat. Exploiting people’s fears to further your “cause”. While your environmental scientists, that happen to be on the global warming payroll, continue to trump up junk science to scare the hell out of an unfortunate few, the majority of people are sane, rational and smart enough not to buy into the hype, and instead, wait for real, hard and tangible evidence, before jumping on the global warming bandwagon. Remember y2k?

Comment by Dan

Have a nice day !

Comment by bibomedia

im taking environmental sociology and its really changed my perspective on the way we use our resources and the damage our culture poses on the world… good job! also read the book ishmael!

Comment by brooke

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