The beanSTOCKd Project

The Beanstockd Team


Name: Angela
Hood: Cambridge/Paris/NYC
Fave celeb: Topher Grace; sarcastic, self-deprecating humor is my weakness.
What made you go green? This stat: We are less than 10 years away from the tipping point of environmental damage.


Name: Sandra
Hood: NYC/Cambridge/Paris
Fave celeb: MK Olsen…for single handedly making the venti chai latte America’s most popular beverage.
What made you go green: “An Inconvenient Truth”


Name: Lucy (“diN0bot”)
Hood: World Wide Web
Fave celeb: Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner jointly with the Grameen Bank, which he founded: “Let us not expect that a social business enterprise will come up, from its very birth, with all the answers to a social problem. Most likely, it will proceed in steps.”
What made you go green? Cool programming projects


Name: Chris
Fave celeb: Richard Branson; he has done great things with his company, the media, humanitarian efforts, and even world record attempts.
What made you go green? I never realized how much damage we were actually doing to our environment until recently.


Name: Alex
Hood: London/Paris
Fave celeb: Kanye, you’ve gotta respect a man with a disproportionately large ego
What made you go green? Peer pressure


Name: Bruce
Fave celeb: When charisma drunkenly hooked-up with genius, they made a baby named Bill Clinton.
What made you go green? When Captain Planet debuted his green mullet, I knew the Earth really needed my help.



Name: Alison
Hood: NYC
Fave celeb: Prince, because he can get away with anything and always manages to look fabulous.
What made you go green? A reasonably intelligent person can’t live in denial for very long when the reality of our environment’s state is in the limelight as often as it is.



Name: Oluchi
Hood: London
Fave celeb: Bruce Willis, because he killed a fighter jet in Die Hard 4
What made you go green? Girls love it



Name: Lillian
Hood: NYC
Fave celeb: Soulja boy, for introducing me to the ‘Superman’
What made you go green? I measured my carbon footprint and was shocked; I realized that I need to make some significant changes in my lifestyle . Also guys dig it.


Name: Brady
Hood: Philly
Fave celeb: Eric Bana, because he turned into a big Green monster and smashed army weaponry
What made you go green? Earth Day 1990; I was glued to the TV watching all those ’20 Years of Earth Day’ specials.


Name: Candace
Hood: Lansing/Cambridge/NYC
Fave celeb: Tyra Banks
What made you go green? America’s Next Top Model made me go green…with envy.


Name: Shomriel
Hood: San Francisco
Fave celeb: Uma Thurman, cuz, come on, what’s more kick-ass than resurrecting yourself after being buried alive?
What made you go green? I’m 25. It’s about that time.


Name: Aja
Hood: SF, Bay Area
Fave celeb: Johnny Depp…what more could a girl ask for?
What made you go green? If I’m on this planet when the world ends, that would definitely be a bummer.


Name: Raffi
Hood: Houston
Fave celeb: Hannah Montana
What made you go green? The chapter in my biology textbook about greenhouse gasses and global warming.



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